Inkwork Labs

Project Overview

Inkwork Labs is a collection of ████ NFTs, aims to provide high-end utility tools to the ecosystem.
Inkwork Labs is a WEB3 firm with a high utility NFT collection that will soon be rolled out on the Solana blockchain with a population of ████ Inkers and fairly new solutions such as the Ceiling price (CP), Multiple Limit Orders (MLO) and buying market.
As Solana projects notably bridge and integrates with the Non Fungible industry, the team clearly saw the good potential to evolve and create several handy tools for the ecosystem players. We realized the future potential of the WEB3 and Non Fungible Token and decided to build Inkwork Labs and Caboz.
The Discovery
Inkwork Labs plans to create a set of tools and strategies for bringing high-value assets to our community and accelerating WEB3 tool adoption. As we know, the future adoption of the WEB3 technology depends on the tools for building WEB3 apps. Our goal is to set new standards in the space when it comes to cross-chain projects, revenue, community and utility.
Along with providing utilities, our basic focus is to create an organic community and raw interaction. In doing so, we prioritize rewarding our patrons' time and loyalty through NFT drops, partnerships, bounties, never seen before tools, and much more.
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